Men as Allies

Share the stage and change the Jewish story

AWP’s male allies are professional and volunteer leaders who have taken a pledge – not to convene or appear on all-male panels. These men are helping to change the narrative about intellectual, religious, and cultural wisdom in the Jewish public square, by including the voices and viewpoints of women scholars, rabbis, content experts, and institutional executives.

Change the frame on roles and expertise

When invited to speak on all-male panels, our allies educate the conveners. Must the panelist be the CEO of a veteran organization or senior rabbi of a 5,000-person congregation? What about the CEO of an innovative start-up or the founder of a new spiritual community? Must the scholar-in-residence bring decades of teaching experience? What about the younger academic bringing a well-reviewed book and accolades by her peers? Like AWP, our male allies believe that, if the category is so narrow as to exclude women, expand the criteria or change the category.

Our allies also advocate for equal pay, better work-life policies, and more equitable, transparent methods for recruiting senior executives and awarding prestigious prizes and fellowships. We celebrate these men for living their values and asking their peers to do the same.