Broaden the Impact

Be an agent of change  

Over the past 10 years, we’ve scouted the most ingenious, effective ways to advance women’s leadership, adapting them to our Jewish context. Now our goal is for you to adopt AWP ideas – and transform your own community.

From catalytic intervention to network of catalysts

At the end of 2015, we will close AWP as a stand-alone organization. This was always our intention, starting from our launch in 2001. Rather than owning the solution set we pioneered, we equip our allies and ambassadors with a shared blueprint and rich toolbox – to design the next phase. As we step back, others are stepping up – to promote healthy work-life policies, act as mentors and negotiation coaches, and advocate for gender parity in pay and career opportunity.

Partners for transformative change

AWP is formalizing key partnerships that will integrate our strategies for change:

Slingshot will showcase programs for women and girls in a new supplement and convene their leaders for training and networking.

Rabbis Without Borders, our partner in annual op-ed trainings, will continue this program to enrich thought leadership in Jewish life.

A Better Balance will collaborate with AWP on outreach to influential Jewish organizations and to broaden municipal and state support for paid leave.

The Orthodox Leadership Group and Yeshivat Maharat will continue to benefit from AWP mentoring and leadership support.

Our collective efforts are creating an unstoppable movement for shared leadership! We want to hear your ideas and we’re ready to help.

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