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Presentation: Living Our Values and Leading the Way

Speech delivered by Shifra Bronznick about AWP, specifically about the Better Work, Better Life Campaign and paid parental leave, at the Wexner Foundation.

Article: Balancing Career and Family in Jewish Communal Service

Cindy Chazan writes on striking the balance between being a Jewish professional and a private Jewish citizen: the inside story from one of the few women to ascend to the top ranks of the Jewish communal field.

Article: Women Leaders in Judaism

Shifra Bronznick, Didi Goldenhar and Joanna Samuels' piece, published in Sage, explores the history of women in Judaism and their role over time.

Article: Creating Change in the Federation System

Shifra Bronznick's piece discusses the report on gender bias in the Federation system, including practical strategies for making change in the Jewish community.

Report: Centering on Professionals: The 2001 Study of JCC Personnel In North America

A survey of JCC professionals finds high rates of job satisfaction but concerns over advancement and compensation. While the proportion of women in senior positions has grown, women's salaries significantly trail men’s salaries.

How To: Sample Exercise for Rabbinical Search Committees

Tools for organizations who are considering hiring a female rabbi.

Article: On The Verge of Real Change

An article identifying significant changes in Jewish women's leadership including an increase in the number of women executives in start-ups and new executive job descriptions with shared leadership responsibilities.

Men as Allies

Many influential men in Jewish life agree that our community will flourish with shared leadership. AWP's male allies want to infuse the Jewish conversation with the voices and viewpoints of women scholars, rabbis, public intellectuals, and institutional executives.

Make the Case

Make the case for gender equity and shared leadership: Here are the questions most often asked — and the answers that we think make the strongest case for gender equity and shared leadership. Why is gender equity a Jewish issue? Justice, equality, and excellence – these are sol

Presentation: Life and Work

Shifra Bronznick in this article writes how bone-weary professionals and over-programmed volunteers are exhausting our community. We must experiment with creative ways of working to bolster job recruitment, retention and satisfaction.