Better Work Better Life

Build smart, healthy Jewish workplaces

The Better Work, Better Life Campaign aims to improve parental leave and flexible work arrangements in Jewish organizations. These policies are critical to advance women professionals, who still carry the majority of personal caregiving and household responsibilities.

Our goal is to enlist 100 Jewish organizations, as a catalyst for making healthy work-life policy the norm in our community. Our ultimate goal is to make these same standards the norm throughout the nonprofit sector and American society.

The Campaign is anchored by AWP’s report on work-life policies in more than 200 Jewish organizations.

 Adopt our framing principles

  • Work-life policy and practice are key indicators for job satisfaction and employee retention.
  • Our organizations benefit when we shift our focus from hours and activities to outcomes and impact.
  • Work-life policy is a diversity issue, affecting women and men of every generation and background.
  • By adopting healthy work-life policies, the Jewish community will enact its stated priorities around family, education, community, and spirituality.

As our Campaign approaches 100 organizations, we are celebrating these smart, healthy Jewish workplaces! We also envision our Jewish community leading the way in work-life policy, comparable to our prominence in earlier labor movements.