Adapt AWP strategies and tactics

Named by Slingshot as “one of the most comprehensive approaches to systemic change in the Jewish world,” AWP advances women professionals, promotes shared leadership, and advocates for healthy work-life policies that benefit all professionals, women and men. Over the past decade, we have become a leading model for change in the Jewish community and beyond. 

Our goals are practical and visionary. We want to equip change agents with accurate information and specific strategies, so that you can embed equity and increase effectiveness wherever you work and whatever your role. The power of the collective is also critical for making change. We will support you and your colleagues, to build a future where shared leadership is the norm.

Achieving gender equity calls for adaptive change.

Unlike technical challenges, which are solved with logic or expertise, adaptive challenges compel us to square our values with what we actually do day-to-day. Adaptive change requires enlightened leadership, to navigate the ups and downs that accompany fundamental shifts in perception and practice. In our guidebook, Leveling the Playing Field: Advancing Women in Jewish Organizational Life, we teach the principles of adaptive change and offer strategies for creating gender equity and promoting shared leadership.

At AWP, we learn from experts in every field and customize that learning to the Jewish community. We apply our theories through collaborative research and practical experiments. Our signature programs – Action Learning Teams, The Better Work, Better Life Campaign, and Men as Allies – have yielded methods and tools that anyone can use, at every level of organizational life.

Take the wheel!

We’ve done the research, tested theories, and made course corrections along the way. Now it’s your turn to take the wheel!