Move from awareness to action

AWP conferences engage diverse groups around gender issues. Our goal is to move people from awareness to caring and from caring to action.

Why attend another meeting? Why another discussion about familiar issues? We believe that interactive programs and face-to-face conversation accelerate the change process. Here are our top design recommendations:

  • Bring people together from different levels of an organization.
  • Network across disciplines, e.g., innovators and veteran execs, rabbis and activists.
  • Enlist participants as design partners.
  • Shine a spotlight on good ideas that may be hidden in plain sight.
  • Pay attention to the balance of theory and practice, or learning and doing.
  • Encourage active participation, e.g., specific focus areas or open space.
  • To mobilize and hold everyone accountable, ask for public commitments.

Adapt our conferences for your own gatherings. In most cases, our programs and agendas are available for download.